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The White Witch of Rose Hall

Radio Production produced by Evcol Entertainment / Okai Collier

Another trip to London, this time to record another radio play - The White Witch of Rose Hall.

Set in nineteenth century West Indies against a backdrop of the abolition of slavery, Voodoo, murder, betrayal and lust; The White Witch of Rose Hall is a re-telling of the legendary Jamaican story inspired by the 'true' events of the time, of a love triangle between plantation owner Annie Palmer, her newly arrived English Bookkeeper Robert Rutherford and a young island girl named Millie . . all of which leads to a brutal and terrifying end!

This was originally a theatre production, one in which I was very nearly involved in. I did a rehearsed reading of the play during its development and so it was a real pleasure to pull on the dusty jacket of Burbridge, fusty bookkeeper to Ms Palmer, for one final time.

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on 07 Nov 2019

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