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Scareycrows was shot way back in 2013 but such is the way with independent films, they linger in post production stasis while funds are being raised. But hats off to Inspired Toad, the production company. Not only have they finished it but it is pretty good fun as well even if I say so myself.

Scareycrows is a comedy horror, similar in style to Shaun of the Dead. Amy thinks the biggest problem she has to face is that her boyfriend is bored of living in a quiet seaside town and wants to move to London. But when her friends begin disappearing during the preparations for the annual Scareycrow Celebrations she suspects there is a connection with the mysterious accident that left a local girl close to death the year before. Soon she begins to suspect that her boyfriend is hiding a dark secret but she still has no idea that the town is about to be overrun by homicidal Scareycrows.

Look out for the stereotyped West Country Community Support Officer played by yours truly. I spent five days in the gorgeous seaside resort of Dawlish filming this with a delightful set of people. And even though the sun didn't always shine on set when it was supposed to, it has shone just a little bit on this slice of West Country fun.

The whole film is available to watch on Amazon Prime right here. It is only 1 hour and 13 mins long so what have you got to loose?

To whet your appetite, watch the trailer below

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on 01 Nov 2017

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