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Madame X

Radio Production produced by Evcol Entertainment / Okai Collier

1928. France.
A young woman is thrown onto the streets by her jealous husband when he discovers she has been having an affair. Forbidden from seeing her beloved young son, and with neither money nor friends, she sinks into depravity.

Twenty years later, she has become the mistress of Frederic Laroque, a small-time criminal. When he discovers that her husband is now the Attorney General, Laroque decides to blackmail him . .

Regardless of the rather apocalyptic weather, a trip to London for me is always a bit of an event. For three days at the end of March I braved the torrential rain to rehearse and record the audio play, Madame X.

Based on an original play written by Alexandre Bisson in 1908, this version was adapted by Simon Collier and presented originally as a theatre production in 2015. It has now been recorded as a radio play, directed by Simon, and in association with In The Dark. I played Louis Floriot, wronged husband wracked with guilt.

I first worked with Simon back in 2008 on a musical adaptation of Dracula, and have been involved in a number of productions and play readings with him in the intervening years. He has a knack for creating great ensembles full of disparate characters and this was no different. Well worth the soaking.

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on 31 Mar 2018

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